Refer friends and foes to plant trees and earn 🤑

Earn 50% lifetime commission + we'll plant 10x trees for the person you referred.

You receive
of how much $$ your referral pays, ongoing
They receive
to get them started and planting trees.

For every person you refer with your unique code, you'll receive a 50% lifetime commission on the amount of their subscription for as long as they're planting trees (signed up). The more trees they plant, the more you'll earn. Plus we'll even plant an extra 10x trees for your friend you sign up to get them started.

It's a win-win-win — win for you for earning cash and helping to plant more trees, win for you friend for planting trees and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it's a win for the planet because, well, trees!

Here's how it works

Other important details

Your payouts will be available after 30 days. We use Paypal to help us get your earn funds. So be sure to include your Paypal email address.
We take privacy seriously, meaning we never share details with you or anyone about who you've referred. All you'll know is that you've received a lead or referral has signed up, money in the bank and more trees in the ground.

You don't need to be a subscriber to sign up and refer people. If you are a subscriber, you'll need to make referral account as well, below.

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