Earn 🤑 (+ plant more trees) by referring friends and foes

Earn 40% lifetime commission + we'll plant an extra tree for every tree they plant to get started.

You receive
of how much $$ your referral pays, forever.
They receive
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for every tree they plant, we'll double.

For every person you refer with your unique code, you'll receive a 40% lifetime commission on the amount of their subscription for as long as they're planting trees (signed up). The more trees they plant, the more you'll earn. Plus, for every tree they plant, we'll double it for your friend to get them started. That's 2x the trees just to get going!

It's a win-win-win — win for you for earning cash and helping to plant more trees, win for you friend for planting trees and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it's a win for the planet because, well, trees!

Here's how it works

Other important details

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  • No "bouncing" or forwarding from one website to another website your affiliate link or website containing your affiliate link.
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  • Respect email spam rules.
  • No PPC marketing on "Treeferral" or similar or misspelled names.

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to reach out to affiliates@treeferral.com


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