Plant with a tweet 🐦

We'll plant 1x tree for every tweet

Ok, so maybe you're not quite ready to sign up, but you still want to plant trees. That's cool, we get it. We want to see as many trees planted just as much as you do. Which is why we came up with probably the simplest (and laziest) tree planting scheme ever devised; plant a tree with a tweet.

Seriously, what better way to get roots in the ground than to sit on the couch, write a couple lines, share it with mates, and help them to do the same thing. It's that simple. We thought it might also be smart to have a few rules in place so here they are:

  1. Tweet = 1x tree planted (per person)
  2. Be sure to @ us so we know you've tweeted
  3. We wrote you a cool prompt (you'll find tags here)
  4. Retweets = MORE trees planted (ask for retweets to plant)
  5. Get tweeting/planting! 🌱

Created by Liam Hänel