Super affordable tree planting subscription.

Plant trees each month. And earn cash for every person you refer to plant trees.
✳ 50k+ trees already planted ✳ Thousands ($) paid to affiliates

Pixel tree with money growing on it and then falling to the growing and repeating.
Plant trees — from $2/tree
Refer a friend →
Refer and earn 35% lifetime commission + we'll plant extra 10% of trees on every tree planted. Forever.
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Planting 1 million trees by referring friends.

A friend and I started this little side project to help people plant trees while in lockdown. It was called Plantyflix back then. The whole point was to help keep people thinking about the environment and give people a way to take action on this bigger crisis we still face stuck at home on the couch.

Little did we think that we'd even plant a hundred trees, let alone thousands! But here we are. Super happy with how it went. However, the question is now — how can we plant even more trees? And how can we do it in such a way that encourages even more people to plant for every tree planted?

Enter the Treeferral referral program.

The aim is in the name. The whole point of Treeferral is one awesome little tree planting referral program for trees.

As you may have read above already, you plant trees, you refer a friend, and you earn 35% of every payment they make for planting trees for as long as they're signed up.

For those who sign up through referral links, we're now planting an additional 10% of trees on top of their existing subscription, for every billing cycle (ie. for as long as their subscribed and planting trees). For instance, if 100 trees are planted, we'll plant 110 trees, every billing period.

It's quite literally a triple win. Win for you, win for your friend, and of course a win for nature and the planet, woo!

So come and join us! Let's plant forests and more forests together and reach the goal of planting 1 million trees. Let's go!

We're on Product Hunt 😸
Treeferral - Tree planting referral program. | Product Hunt

Trees planted so far...

This big number of trees and counting.
🌴 65,000+
GOAL = 1,000,000

How it works


Choose how many trees to plant each month or year.


Your trees go in the ground and grow into the beautiful things they are.


Invite your mates, dates, friends and foes, mums and dads or whoever you want and earn cash for as long as they're planting trees with us.

one of Our tree planting partners

You'll help to plant trees in different parts of the globe.

Your trees are planted in different parts of the world and different countries — Madagascar, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal, Kenya, Brazil, The Philippines, Ethiopia just to name a few.

You’ll have different trees planted for you, from mangroves, to tropical trees, trees that flower, palm trees, evergreen types, fruit trees, tall trees, little trees, shrubs and everything in between. Each tree planted is native to each country and will help to restore biodiversity to the region, sequester carbon emissions, contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change, make space and create natural habitats and worlds for wildlife and insects and grow into the beautiful things they are.

Not only does every trees planted help restore the native ecology, environment and improve the land. But also provides financial support to people and communities living in extreme poverty.

Eden Reforestation Projects logo
Man pulling a while boat with other people also helping him. They're knee deep in water surrounded by mangroves and other beautiful shrubs and bushes.
A native bird to Madagascar sitting on a fern leaf in a forest. The bird has a thin beak similar to a honeyeater and a gorgeous pink neck with black over the rest of it's body.
A mans hands looking down, holding mangrove shoots ready to be planted. He's wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts and is standing in wet clay ready to plant.
View of hilly wet lands in Madagascar. The sun is setting and there's a mountain in the background with sun shining on it. It's a beautiful evening.

Here’s why you should signup

Plant trees while you sleep, eat and brush your teeth.
Did I mentioned it's super affordable tree planting.
Make money by referring people to plant trees as well. Plus extra trees for them.
Help to balance your carbon footprint and live a life a little less impactful.
Help restore the environment and grow your very own forest.
With forests, comes backs native wildlife, insects and other earthly life and beings.
Support people living in poverty with every tree planted.
Fair and fully transparent pricing and costs.

Choose a plan(t)

Super affordable tree planting — starting at $2 buck per tree. Pricing is in USD.

Yearly SAVe 67%
every month
You'll plant 120 trees every year.
$2.00 / TREE
billed Yearly
every month
You'll plant 60 trees every year.
$2.20 / TREE
billed Yearly
every month
You'll plant 36 trees every year.
$2.66 / TREE
billed Yearly

Or choose your own quantity of trees to plant

Alternatively, you can choose a custom amount of trees. Click below and type in the quantity of trees to plant in the dropdown.

/per tree / mth
Choose tree amount
every month
You'll plant 120 trees over a year.
$6.00 / tree
billed monthly
every month
You'll plant 60 trees over a year.
$6.60 / tree
billed monthly
every month
You'll plant 36 trees over a year.
$8.00 / TREE
billed monthly

Or choose your own quantity of trees to plant

Alternatively, you can choose a custom amount of trees. Click below and type in the quantity of trees to plant in the dropdown.

/per tree / mth
Choose tree amount

Refer your mates. Earn cash + trees planted🤑

You'll earn 35% lifetime commission for every tree your friends plant + we'll even plant an 10% extra trees on top, every billing cycle for as long as they're signed up.🌴

You receive
of how much $$ your referral pays, forever.
They receive
Outline tree icon
additional trees planted. Ongoing.

For every person you refer with your unique code, you'll receive a 35% lifetime commission on the amount of their subscription for as long as they're planting trees (signed up). The more trees they plant, the more you'll earn.

Plus, for every tree they plant, we'll plant an additional 10% of what they plant. Every billing cycle as long as they're signed up. The more they subscribe to plan, they more we'll plant on top for them. For instance, if 100 trees are planted, we'll plant 110 trees, every billing period.

It's a win-win-win — win for you for earning cash and helping to plant more trees, win for you friend for planting trees and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it's a win for the planet because, well, trees!

How it works

  1. Join the affiliate program — welcome to the club.
  2. Go wild! Share your unique link around the internet.
  3. When someone signs up using link you'll earn $ + plant trees.
Become an affiliate to earn and plant


Is this a carbon offset?

Unfortunately not, planting trees with Treeferral is not a certified carbon offset. However, planting trees does definitely help to reduce greenhouse emissions in our atmosphere. This can't be claimed as a verified offset though.

If you want to try to plant the amount of trees needed to match the footprint of your lifestyle, then go wild! On average a mature tree absorbs between 14-22kg (31-48lbs) of CO2 each year. You can calculate your footprint using the WWF carbon footprint calculator and then divide tonnes of your carbon footprint from the calculator by the above.

For reference, here are a few quick calculations for number of trees to plant based on per capita averages for people living these countries:
~422 trees / year = France (5.2 tonnes CO2 each year)
~534 trees / year = Germany (9.1 tonnes CO2 each year)
~968 trees / year = USA (16.6 tonnes CO2 each year)
~3,082 trees / year = Qatar (38.0 tonnes CO2 each year)

If you're looking for really great certified carbon offsets you can go to Nul. Full disclosure, I'm a co-founder in this as well :)

Do I need to be a subscriber to become an affiliate?

Nope, all you'll need to do is go and signup for a free affiliate account here to create your unique link, which you'll use to invite people to Treeferral and track your referrals.

Go crazy sharing your link to the world to earn and encourage others to start planting!

Where do you plant trees?

With help from Eden Reforestation Projects and other reforestation projects, your trees are planted across the globe in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, and various other countries.

Where does my money go?

50% goes directly to planting trees (on yearly plans)! 🌳 🌳 🌳

35% this is reserved for the amazing Treeferral affiliates help spread the word through their referral links.

Affiliates help spread the word so we can plant more and more trees! This what what Treeferral is all about. Creating a massive community of people encouraging others to plant trees and getting rewarded for their efforts.

You're welcome to sign up for free here to also become an affiliate and earn and help us plant more trees. You'll earn 35% lifetime commission on every tree planted. It's open to everyone :)

10% goes to keeping this whole thing going and growing (pun intended?).

What about trees dying?

Trees not surviving happens for various reasons from time to time. Sometimes the trees and plants you're supporting will naturally regenerate more new seedling than was originally planted — for example, this can be as much as 150% more with mangroves than the amount that was planted.

However, if you sign up from a referral link we'll plant an additional 10% extra trees on top of the trees you already plant. We'll do this each billing cycle (for free) as long as you're subscribed.

So there's likely many, many more trees growing than you originally chose to plant, based on a combination of natural regeneration and the extra trees added if you signed up from referral link.

What did you use to make Treeferral?

Here's a little bit on how I built Treeferral and the the tools I used to create it (some are affiliate links of my own :) )
Figma — Designed using Figma
Webflow — Built in Webflow
Chargebee (with Stripe) is used for all payments and subscriptions
Rewardful — To manage the affiliate program
Fathom / Plausbile — For the privacy first analytics
Integromat — For automating a lot of things (makes life way better)
ConvertKit — For most communication and for all things email
FOMO — And that little popup you see show up from time to time is called FOMO.

I have feedback, how do I tell you?

Amazing! I'd love to hear it. You can send us an email here.

Let's get planting.

We've already planted thousands of trees. Subscribe and plant trees as well. Or join as an affiliate and refer others to plant and earn.